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Our goal is to make every login, every digital identity, every payment, every service secure and safe for everyone.
"The digital world can be simple and safe."

Prices for Business

Install the Safe-Enter button for instant login and pay only for real KYC customers. No additional or hidden fees
Support 200+ countries
Documents verification
Face recognition
E-mail verification
PEP, Sanctions lists check
2 Factor Authentication
  • Start
    Up to 500 KYC per month is
    Just to be sure that we are suits your business.
  • Basic
    From 501 till 1500 verifications per month
    FREE !
  • PRO
    If you need more than 1500 verifications per month for FREE
    contact our sales to get this offer
If you have better offer just contact our sales and we give you better conditions.

How Safe-Enter system works

  • Take a photo of your document
  • Take a selfie
  • Verification Complete
  • Digital ID created
  • 2FA login

2 Factor Authentication and Fast Onboarding

Two-factor authentication is a security protocol that protects your online accounts by requiring you to enter a code generated by the app on your phone. These codes are periodically updated so that the only way an attacker could gain access to an account secured by 2FA is to actually be in physical possession of your phone.

SAFE-ENTER strongly recommends you definitely use 2FA for everything.

Cyber security & Safe-Enter

Cyber security is the complex system of actions aimed to protect data and systems from digital attacks. Cyber attacks are usually aimed at:

  • accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information
  • stealing personal data from email and accounts
  • identity theft
  • stealing virtual assets
  • making unauthorized transactions from accounts
  • using stolen or fake personal data to make money transactions violating AMLD
  • extorting money from users
  • interrupting normal business processes

    • All these actions causes a losses of important data, and it could be family photos or virtual assets.

      Technology is essential to giving organizations and individuals security tools needed to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. One of the main of entities is personal accounts security. Commonly a standard way to login is using account name or email and password that could be sent to email. Sometimes Google Authenticator and Captcha are using. But Captcha and GA are not perfect and a little not-user-friendly.

      Safe-Enter team wants to make internet life more secure form stealing, preventing attack in the begging. We make unauthorized login almost impossible and unbreakable. We believe that our solution is user friendly and makes all transactions and actions from personal accounts impossible without user approval.

      About us

      Safe-Enter based and located in Tallinn, Estonia. Our members, who working days and nights to make world a litle better and more safety: Dmitry Bogdanov, IT dept, BackEnd & Android   | Sergei Saal, IT dept, FrontEnd & Layout designer   | Anton Bykov, IT dept, Designer & UI   | Vitaly Stepanov, IT dept, Layout designer   | Vasilij Knyrkov, IT dept, Architect, blockchain, Cyber Security, Co-founder   | Secret Person, IT Banking and KYC compliance, Adviser   | Dmitry Lobach, Marketing & Sales, HR, CFO, Co-founder   | Max Zmitrovich, Business development & PR, CBDO   | Jevgeni Lobats, Marketing & Sales, CEO  

      As a KYC provider Safe-Enter suggests to our clients full KYC service, fast and convenient 2FA login and full and seamless integration with customer's service and clients personal cabinet.

      We suggest for business customers:
      • documents verification, 200+ countries
      • check by lists: PEP, Crime, Interpol, Sanction List
      • document type recognition
      • biometric verification
      • e-mail verification
      • documents text recognition
      • face recognition and comparison with documents photo
      • document photo and face recognition
      • citizenship
      • document expiry date recognition
      • document issue date
      • document issue country
      • Fast & user friendly 2FA login
      • fast onboarding login for web site
      • customizibale integration in any business
      • instant and simple new user registration
      • instant KYC for new users
      • fast & friendly support